At Conexo Casa, or Connected Home, we are building a community, supported by simple to use technology, focused on allowing the elderly, those suffering with dementia or other neurological disorders, and the disabled to live safely and securely in their homes for as long as possible.

Conexo Casa

Connecting People for Independent Living

We connect families, medical resources, care providers, and volunteers with our clients so that they can remotely check in on our client’s health and safety, talk, provide emotional support, and more.

We empower our clients to extend their ability to live at home and maintain their independence for as long as safely possible.
Modern technology is not as accessible to those with dementia, the elderly or those with disabilities. Using “apps”, navigating “the web”, managing home automation, and learning new ways of doing things is daunting for these clients. But there are ways to make this technology work better and seamlessly integrate it into their lives.

  • Start with people and their needs.
    • What are the things our clients need to accomplish in order to maintain independent living?
    • Who do our clients need to interact with in order to manage their daily lives?
    • Where do our clients live and where are the resources they need?
    • We answer all of these questions and offer a customized configuration of standardized technology, suited to the needs and capabilities of our clients.
  • Train our clients, their families, care givers, and others on how to use the tools
  • Install the tools at our client’s home.
  • Provide on-going support
  • Coordinate volunteers to provide virtual support, daily check in calls, and remote status monitoring