Using technology to enable independence

The concept is simple:
Make technology simple to use, reliable, and friendly by adding people to the mix.

Conexo.Casa (Connected Home) is leveraging Home Automation, Social Networking, and AI technology to deliver a remote monitoring, support, and communication platform for the elderly, people with neurocognitive disorders like Mild Dementia, Autism, Multiple Sclerosis, Huntington's Disease, and others.

We combine these technologies into a community of support and services for our clients. that is easy to use, intuitive and designed for people who have difficulty with technology in general.

Our community includes Buddies who are the first line of contact with our clients. These Buddies are usually family members, volunteers, or in some cases paid staff. The Buddies work together to provide human support to those living at home.


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Join our team

We always welcome Buddies, Technical Support, Developers, and anyone else willing to help.

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Start donating

Electric Metric, LLC, the organization behind Conexo.Casa is a nonprofit and is working towards 503C status. Any donations of time, resources or capital are greatly appreciated.

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Even if you can't be part of our community...

You can still help

Conexo.Casa needs your support in order to continue our work.

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Help Us Provide Equipment to our Clients

Conexo.Casa provides home automation equipment to our clients. Those that can afford our modest monthly subscription pay that. Those that cannot pay need support from our community.

Become a Buddy
Join our Community

By becoming a Buddy you enable a person living alone with mild dementia, autism, a physical disability, or learning issues to be supported while remaining independent.

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Help our Community
Staff our Technical Support Line

Our goal is 24x7x265 support that is only a button press or voice command away. We need operators to run our support line.



Technology, Marketing and Support Professionals Dedicated to creating Conexo's Community


Become a Volunteer

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